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Royce Gracie and Sensei Ryan 2009

With over 20 years of martial arts training under his black belts in various styles, Sensei Ryan has structured RKD Martial Arts lessons to ensure that you are able to work on your fitness and strength as well as the self defence aspects of the martial arts. To facilitate this each lesson contains three main parts.

RKD Martial Arts classes begin with a warm-up session to prepare our bodies and minds for the lesson as well as working on our fitness and strength. It is designed to get the heart rate up and the blood pumping.

Once warmed up, stretching exercises are done to ensure our muscles are prepared for training. Stretching also helps to increase our flexibility for kicking and other techniques.

The class then moves to our martial arts training. This will include examining and practicing individual techniques contained in your syllabus, partner work, pad work or any focus point that the instructor would like the students to work on. For the students who are the appropriate level, the lessons will also include sparring and weapon work.

Training is done at your own pace – you do not need to be fit, flexible or have any previous martial arts experience to start in our classes. We will help you develop these as part of your training. We do not push our students to grade when they are not ready. We schedule gradings when we believe students are ready to be graded.

As a result of regular training you will become fitter, stronger and more toned. Most students notice an increase in fitness after only a short period when attending the recommended two sessions per week. The martial arts have been proven to help in focus and concentration, especially in children. With a focus on practical self defence, most students will become more confident and more comfortable within themselves. While we do not advocate fighting for the sake of it, we do realise that when left with no alternative, we should be prepared and capable of defending ourselves and those we love.

For optimum training we do recommend that you attend at least two classes a week though we do understand that this is not always possible given other commitments.

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