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Gift Offer

Give the gift of confidence, health and fitness this year with this great gift idea. Give a gift voucher that entitles the receiver to train for 1 month, attending as many classes as they like, for only $79! A great way to introduce someone to the benefits of martial arts, or to give someone that nudge they need to attend a class, especially if; like many people; they’ve talked about doing it but have never taken that final step! Call Sensei now on 0413 625 147 to arrange a gift voucher – gift vouchers are electronic, so they can be purchased over the phone and emailed out to you!

Intro Offer

If you are interested in RKD martial arts you are welcome to view any of our classes in action, or if you would like to try RKD you are welcome to come down and take advantage of our current introductory lesson offer. The introductory lesson is a one-on-one session so that you are comfortable with our instructors and know the basics to enable you to join the group class and not feel out of place. It is totally obligation free – if you do not feel that RKD is for you after the introductory lesson then you do not have to pay anything further.

There is a bonus to calling and reserving your introductory lesson now. Apart from the one-on-one session (usually $55), if you call and reserve your introductory lesson and mention the website offer, and you choose to continue training with us we will waive the normal joining fee (a saving of $99). As a further bonus you will receive your uniform for free (A saving of $79). In total if you commence training in RKD after the introductory offer you will have saved $183!

So call Sensei on 0413 625 147 now to book your introductory class today!

Free Trial Website Special valid for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Come and try out our classes FREE for one week! Unlimited access to all our classes in any of our programs for one week.

Call Sensei Ryan on 0413 625 147 to book your free trial today