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Adult Self Defense Classes

Self defense classes Perth

Self Defense classes focus on realistic self defense techniques to use in any situation and are a great way to stay fit and active.

Adult Self Defense Classes Perth

Our adult self defense classes Perth are suitable for men and women aged 16 and above. The classes focus on practical self defense not competition. Some martial arts styles such as Judo, BJJ, Kickboxing, and UFC style MMA are competition based. These styles are designed around one-on-one competition in an ideal environment with rules in place. They are not designed for self defense which involves no rules, multiple attackers and weapons. Our course is ideally suited for learning effective self defense techniques in a safe environment. The martial arts will improve your strength, fitness and weight management. The fitness and self confidence the self defense classes Perth develop helps in the overall well-being of the student.self defense classes perth

In the self defense classes Perth you will learn how to defend yourself using all aspects of the martial arts including:

  • Striking (Punches/Kicks/Elbows/Knees etc)
  • Throws and other take-down techniques
  • Stand up grappling and ground based wrestling
  • Strangulations and chokes, joint locks, pressure points and other submissions

You will also learn how to defend yourself against an armed attacker and multiple attackers. Once you reach a certain level, the self defense classes Perth also covers a wide number of weapons. Learning to move while using a weapon helps us to understand our movements better and enhances our unarmed fighting ability. Weapon training also shows us how a weapon affects our opponent enabling us to exploit the weaknesses inherent in an armed opponent. This is important to understand when we have no weapon our self. All weapon on weapon work is done in a manner that ensures the safety of the students.

The self defense classes Perth are designed to promote self confidence. Self confidence is key to ensure you aren’t chosen as a victim of a crime. Joining the Self Defense Classes Perth entitles the student to use all facilities during opening hours. Our schedule for classes can be found here.

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