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Private Classes

Apart from the standard classes, we also offer private classes (one-on-one sessions) for those people who want to get ahead, revise techniques approaching a grading, or to catch up or revise after a period of absence. One-on-One sessions are also beneficial for students who cannot make the normal class times or are intimidated by the group class environment. Private classes can be held with up to 3 other people (4 students in total) if you want to split the cost.

Whether you are after health and fitness, full self-defence, belt qualifications, or simply want to learn individual elements from the syllabus or individual styles, private classes can help you achieve your goal. We have taught different private students individual techniques such as throwing techniques, kicking techniques and sparring training; individual styles such as karate and eskrima, and individual weapons such as kama, katana, bo and sai. Private classes will be completely tailored to meet your individual needs.

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