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MMA Perth (Mixed Martial Arts) Classes

MMA Perth

Beginners MMA Perth classes to get you started in the fastest growing sport on the planet!

Mixed Martial Arts Perth (MMA Perth)MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is one of the most rapidly growing sports on the planet. Kicked off largely by the success of the UFC and Pride tournaments they have become the pre-eminent martial arts sport event.

At RKD MMA Perth, our focus is on developing a well-rounded stand up, grappling and ground game for engaging in MMA. Many MMA fighters have a background in either kickboxing (stand up striking) or brazilian jiu-jitsu (wrestling) and then develop the other side to create a full style encompassing stand up (striking and kicking), grappling (clinch game, take downs and throws), and ground (wrestling and striking). Our MMA Perth classes aim to ensure that you are a complete fighter, with no inherent weaknesses that can be exploited.

You do not need any experience in martial arts to start training in our MMA Perth classes. It is our job to teach you what you need to know. Our MMA classes are all blended classes, so may cover wrestling one day, grappling the next and striking the following with a goal of continuous improvement.

If you want further information, or would like to view a class in action call our head instructor, Ryan on 0413 625 147, or pop in to our MMA Perth gym located in Bassendean, Western Australia.

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