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Martial Arts in Perth

RKD Martial Arts is a mixture of many styles with ninjutsu, jiu jitsu, kickboxing, and karate being the biggest influences. Whether looking at striking and kicking, locking and throws in grappling range, wrestling on the ground, or weapons combat and defence, our syllabus covers it. Effective and efficient self defence is our only goal. You don’t need to be fit or have martial arts experience to join – our beginners classes are for everyone! So call us now on 0413 625 147 or come down to our dojo in Bassendean, Perth for a look.


Normally when you join our Dojo it would cost $233. That includes an initial one-on-one session ($55), your school uniform ($79) and your joining fee ($99). But until the end of the month you can have ALL of this for only $49.95. That is a saving of almost $200 so get started today for only $49.95!

Call Sensei Ryan on 0413 625 147