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Kids Martial Arts Perth

PARENTS: For a free article detailing the scientific research into the benefits of martial arts in children, click the email icon at the top right to request a copy.

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Kids Martial Arts Perth is a good way to instill a healthy attitude towards fitness and respect towards others, while learning practical skills.

It has been found in many studies that children who engage in martial arts training have a higher sense of self esteem. It has been established that children with a higher sense of self esteem are more likely to succeed than their peers and less likely to succumb to the negative aspects of peer pressure such as taking up smoking or drug use or engaging in risky behaviour. Martial arts training has also been linked to an increased ability to focus and increased attention span. It is an easy way to give your child a valuable head start in life.
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Our RKD Kids Martial Arts Perth classes are a modified version of the adult freestyle martial arts course that we offer. It is modified to ensure the safety of the kids for example no locking techniques are taught to the Mini-Dragons (toddlers) but they are taught to the young adults. Similarly in the young adults course no weapon on weapon (set patterns or free sparring) is done but it is covered in the Adult Course. It is suitable for boys and girls aged 15 and under and is focused on improving fitness, weight management, self defence, and the overall mental and physical well-being of the student. The Kids Martial Arts Perth Classes are split based on age so that smaller children are not intimidated by older and bigger kids.

Our kids martial arts Perth course is designed to promote self confidence and discipline as well as a focus on setting goals and persevering to achieve them. It embodies the bushido code used in karate and other traditional arts while focusing on practical techniques rather than kata and patterns. These qualities are able to be applied readily to other areas of the student’s life and are the common qualities held by most successful people. These characteristics are reflected in our centre’s motto, ‘DREAM – ASPIRE – BELIEVE – BECOME’.

Mini-Dragons (Toddlers – Ages 3-5)

The Mini-Dragons martial arts for kids focuses on the core character building aspects of martial arts and the fitness, co-ordination and balance aspects of martial arts training. It is aimed at giving the students a head start in life by encouraging and reinforcing focus, attention span, memory and discipline as well as encouraging respect for elders and team work among the students.

We encourage the parents to set a healthy example for their children by also engaging in physical fitness activities either by joining and participating in the Adult Classes (ask about our family discount rates) or in the Eskrima classes.

Kids Martial Arts Perth Classes (Ages 6-11)

The Kids martial arts Perth class also focuses on the same core character aspects of martial arts that the Mini-Dragons covers but with a particular focus on the centre’s motto of “Dream – Aspire – Believe – Become”. This is to encourage the child’s self confidence and discipline, and being able to set and achieve goals. The importance of school is also emphasised as we encourage our students to share with us their schooling achievements and to be proud of scholastic success.kids martial arts perth 3

Young Adults (Ages 12-15)

The Young Adults Class reinforces the positive character traits associated with people who are successful in life. The classes also focus on the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind in order to set and achieve goals. Self belief and self confidence are reinforced to give the young adults the inner strength to become leaders amongst their peers rather than followers. Leaders are less likely to fall prey to peer pressure and are more likely to be a positive influence on their peers and in their community. Like the Kids Martial Arts Perth Classes, the Young Adults Classes also emphasise the importance of education.

Private Classes

Apart from the standard classes, we also offer private classes (one-on-one sessions) for those people who want to get ahead, revise techniques approaching a grading, or to catch up or revise after a period of absence. One-on-One sessions are also beneficial for students who cannot make the normal class times or are intimidated by the group class environment. Private classes can be held with up to 3 other people (4 students in total) if you want to split the cost.

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