Kids Martial Arts 3-5 y/o

A quick video of our Mini-Dragons in action!

RKD Website Update

It has taken me many nights of very few hours sleep but the website is now completely updated. If you happen to find a link that doesn’t work or that goes somewhere it shouldn’t, please send me a message and let me know so I can get it fixed!

Kids Grading May 2014

Congratulations to all the kids who graded over the weekend. A good standard was displayed by all candidates.

MMA Classes and More

Some big changes are happening starting in February.

1st, we are starting MMA UFC style competition classes – these will obviously focus on the sport aspects of 1 on 1 mixed martial arts. These classes will run immediately after the self defense classes during the week.

2nd, our Eskrima course is now affiliated with Grand Maestro Greg Henderson (a recent inductee into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame) and his school Magkuno Diamondback Eskrima.

Our final change is that there will no longer be Wednesday classes – all Wednesday classes will move to Tuesday, and the dojo will be closed on Wednesday’s now instead of the Tuesday.

3rd Anniversary

Today we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary! Thank you to everyone involved in making RKD Martial Arts a success, particularly Olie who assists with the Adults Class, and Nate, Thom and Emily who assist with the Kids Classes. It would not be possible to teach as many students as we do without their assistance.

Eskrima Seminar

RKD hosted Maestro Andrew Roberts from Magkuno-Diamondback Eskrima for a seminar that covered various areas such as attacking through the high and low lines, stick grappling, and last line defense. The seminar was enjoyed by all.

Young Adults Grading Oct 2013

Congratulations to the young adults who graded today, Nic and Riley for getting their Yellow belt, and Nate, Thom and Emily for getting their Green belt.

Kid’s Gradings Aug 2013

Congratulations to all the kids who graded today and a big thank you to Natalie and Jeremy Warnock of Warnock Imagery  for photographing the grading for us. Below are a few of the pics but there are plenty more on Facebook.
kids karate 1kids karate 2kids karate 3kids karate 4

Maker Designer Kitchens Training

RKD hosted a corporate session with some of the guys and one very feisty girl from The Maker Designer Kitchens. They worked hard, built up a sweat and most importantly, had fun!
team buildingteam building 2team building 3

Eskrima Seminar

RKD Martial Arts hosted a seminar with Grand Maestro Greg Henderson, a recent inductee into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame. The seminar was enjoyed by all involved.
kali perth