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About Us

RKD is a Freestyle or Mixed Martial Art (MMA) that focuses on a practical approach to self defence, and the physical health and mental well-being of our students. It is ideal for women’s self defence, and we regularly run women’s self defence courses. We run out of a dedicated facility (not a hired hall), specifically set up for martial arts training in the Perth suburb of Bassendean.

Sensei Ryan with multiple times BJJ world champion, Andre Galvao

Self defence techniques used in RKD are drawn from other martial arts styles such as Muay Thai Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Ninjutsu, Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Japanese Jujitsu, and Eskrima (Kali/Arnis). Head instructor, Sensei Ryan Nicholls, has achieved black belt or higher in many martial arts, and has experience with an array of styles and techniques. Unlike many instructors, Sensei Ryan still trains in other martial arts, always looking for ways to improve or a better way to do things. Any individual martial art has its flaws – for example, taekwondo has superior high kicks but often neglects hand work, while muay thai has powerful low kicks and elbows but neglects the trapping, locking and throwing elements of the grappling arts. It is our philosophy that all martial arts offer something different and that it is in the practitioner’s best interest to examine and experience as wide a range of techniques as possible in order to develop their own fighting strategy and style and to be able to counter the various styles of others. The reason for this is simple – every person has a different body that represents an infinite number of possibilities and limitations. For example, not everyone has the flexibility and balance to develop a kicking based fighting style or the strength for a grappling style. Therefore, RKD is about maximising your body potential – learning to harness your strengths and limiting your opponent’s opportunity to exploit your weaknesses.

In order to examine the potential of our body we study various forms of armed and unarmed combat. The unarmed covers striking techniques such as kicking, punching, elbows and knees, as well as teaching blocking, throws, wrestling, locks, holds, grappling, chokes, restraints, and pressure points – if it can be used in self defence or against us as an attack, we study it. The flow between techniques is emphasised as you come to realise that any situation can quickly move from striking to grappling to throwing to wrestling to a lock or choke-hold in rapid succession. The armed techniques cover various weapons from blades including katana, wakizashi, tanto and kama, through other metal weapons such as the jutte, manriki and sai. Wooden weapons covered include the 6 foot, 4 foot and 3 foot staves as well as tonfa, tri-sectional staff, and kali sticks. Combination (wood/metal) weapons such as the glaive and spear are also covered.

RKD Martial Arts has the water dragon, or Suijin Ryuu (Suijin – Water Deity, Ryuu – Dragon) as its symbol as water is seen as the element that most embodies the true nature of martial arts. We aspire to be like water, flowing with our techniques and the situations we find ourselves in. Trying to achieve a level of flow and spontaneity in our techniques is our main goal.

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